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Business Development: Achieving Excellence

The client will see their business improve using both subjective and objective measurements.

Determination of Mission and Values

The client will develop a Mission Statement for their organization that will clearly describe the number one goal all staff should be striving towards. The client will also develop values that will be used to guide all staff towards achieving the mission statement.

Change Implementation

The client will see change happening according to a pre-arranged timeline. Problems that have been persistent and pervasive will be minimized or disappear entirely.

Innovation Management

The client will see potential innovation pathways in a clear, concise fashion. Though all innovation requires risk, the client will gain a clear understanding of the risks, as well as the potential benefits of the innovation pathways.

Operations Management

Depending on the client’s goals, the organization may see a shortened product development time, an improved bottom line, or both.

Improving Group Relations

The client will experience decreased politics in the workplace, improved cohesiveness among work teams, improved employee relations and improved productivity.

Hiring Employees

The client will see measurable improvement in its ability to hire the most valued recruits.

Employee Retention

The client will experience measurable increases in retention of the best employees.

Employee Satisfaction

The client will experience measurable increases in employee satisfaction and employee productivity.

Corporate and Organizational Education

The client will receive a custom designed in-house education program and measures of success to accompany the program.

Customer Satisfaction

The client will achieve measurable improvements in customer satisfaction.


The client will achieve sustained improvement in establishing and achieving short and long-term goals.

Training and Education

The client will achieve measurable and sustained improvements in the chosen goals for the educational institution. Examples include larger applicant pools, increased enrollment, improved course offerings, and improved staff satisfaction.

Healthcare/Patient Safety

Clients will see improved functioning of their Rapid Response Teams, improved risk management programs and improved patient outcomes.

Pharmaceutical Marketing

The client will achieve improved corporate sales training, an improved corporate image and an improved bottom line.

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Plans are only good intentions unless they degenerate into hard work.

– Peter Drucker