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A Twist of Green

Viridiant LLC assists clients with innovation and change management. We work alongside the client as a partner. Our goal is to develop sustainable companies and organizations by helping them integrate excellence in their economic, social and ecologic performance. We develop innovative ways to make the footprint of organizations less damaging and more restoring, even as they grow. Our approach to Responsible Business is simple: understand our impacts, measure them, and continuously improve them. This philosophy drives innovation in our services and performance. Let us put our values to work for you.

About Dr. Sheldon Goldstein

Sheldon Goldstein is a process consultant who focuses on methods to improve management and organization of companies and individuals. Dr. Goldstein assists clients in developing skills that will result in meeting their highly valued goals. These skills include determining and prioritizing one’s goals, and achieving excellence in decision making, organization, time management, delegation, adult-education, and improving one’s public image and public speaking. Due to Dr. Goldstein’s interest and concern for the environment, he also provides services that educate businesses to become green.

Dr. Goldstein has a B.A. in psychology, and received his M.D. from Hahnemann Medical College in Philadelphia (now known as the Drexel University College of Medicine). He is a board certified internist and cardiac anesthesiologist. At Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital he developed the program in intra-operative echocardiography, first by teaching himself the technique, then teaching colleagues until the point of board certification. He also brought about the institution of an operating room based laboratory, initially resisted by laboratory physicians, but eventually winning their cooperation. He has a long-standing interest in education, communication, optimum performance and goal-based performance. His background includes supervisory positions in both academic and private practice settings, and he has served on many academic, private and national committees. Recently, he started his own company, Coagulation Sciences LLC, a biotech development company, which has successfully raised capital and is trying to improve the world by decreasing blood transfusions.

In his spare time, Dr. Goldstein enjoys photography, road biking and playing the piano.

Our Mission

Viridiant determines goals the client wants and needs to achieve, in order to bring about innovation and sustainability. Viridiant devises methods, including roadmaps, metrics and timelines, to assist the client in achieving their goals, while remaining economically, environmentally and socially responsible. We focus on organizations that wish to rise to the top 2% of their field, including businesses and educational institutions, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers. Viridiant also works with individuals who wish to develop skills to advance their professional and personal lives.

Our Vision

Many businesses and organizations focus primarily on the bottom line. At Viridiant, we believe that businesses and organizations have the best chance for success when they are also dedicated to improving their community and the environment. We encourage our clients to contribute to their community and to minimize their environmental footprint. We believe that by doing so, we will create a portfolio of clients that is respected by all who come in contact with them. These are the organizations that will lead in the twenty-first century.

Our Values

We believe Viridiant's guiding values are a unique combination, and that they distinguish us from other business and organizational development firms. Our guiding values are mindfulness, excellence, integrity, and societal responsibility. We maintain a mindful attitude, so we choose the best paths for our clients, without being limited by old-fashioned or ill-conceived limitations, or new-age fads. We insist on excellence in our work, functioning as if we are in partnership with the client, because we believe we are. We bring integrity to everything we do. Finally, we believe that leaders are responsible to the community and that such responsibility is an integral part of leading organizations. Therefore, we do our best to encourage organizations to be part of their community and to protect the environment.

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Notable Quote

Plans are only good intentions unless they degenerate into hard work.

– Peter Drucker