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We wanted to thank you for your consultation regarding a medical device company in which we are considering investing. Your evaluation of the clinical utility of the device was extremely helpful as was your analysis of the likelihood of market acceptance and estimation of market size. Of particular assistance was your identification and prioritization of specific surgery types in which the product would and would not be useful - and why.

— John Costantino

Managing General Partner,
NGN Capital



We have used Dr. Sheldon Goldstein as a consultant and are very satisfied with his expertise and proactive, energetic approach to customer service and business development. With his strong medical background and business acumen he understood our Biotech company and the science behind it very quickly. We recommend him highly.

— Antero Jarvinen

Medex Screen Ltd.



When I was in pre-production for my first feature length film, Sheldon’s consulting proved invaluable to me. Despite the fact that Sheldon is trained as a doctor, he knew intuitively what I needed as a filmmaker. If there was something he was not familiar with regarding my field, he would research it intensely, and present me with great suggestions and recommendations within days, and help me approach the problem in new ways that I would never have thought of on my own.

For example, after months of unsuccessful searching for the right locations for my film locally, after meeting with Sheldon, he suggested just the right location in just the right town, so that every indoor and outdoor location needed for the film was within 10 or 15 minutes of each other. We even had room and board for the entire film crew and cast, and it was within our budget.

Sheldon is creative, hard working, and dedicated to helping you make your dream come true. He has a wealth of contacts, a positive attitude, and he’s funny—he’ll have you laughing throughout the whole process.

— Maya Batash,  Filmmaker

Out of the Fog Productions, LLC



Dr. Goldstein helped prepare me for the certification exam in intra-operative echocardiography. He taught me briefly, both by demonstrating various advanced TEE applications and reviewing key didactic concepts. With his help I passed the exam the first time. Dr. Goldstein is a superb cardiac anesthesiologist and one of the best teachers I know.

— David Amar, M.D.,

Professor of Anesthesiology,
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and
Weill Medical College of Cornell University



Preparing for my wedding left little time to prepare for my oral examination in Anesthesiology. Dr. Goldstein drilled me to learn certain vital topics, and some general principles that were vital. He was able to focus my studying so that I achieved maximal benefit in the shortest possible time. I recommend him highly.

— Jerald Darvishzadeh, M.D.,

Attending Anesthesiologist,
Franklin Hospital Medical Center,
Valley Stream, NY



I supervised Dr. Sheldon Goldstein in my position as Chairman of the Anesthesia Department at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Dr. Goldstein is a highly motivated individual who is capable of identifying and solving problems. During his years as a cardiac anesthesiologist, he observed the lack of a laboratory in the operating rooms that was necessary to safely and efficiently provide optimal care to a very large population of cardiac surgical patients. He managed to overcome the objections of the laboratory medicine physicians to accomplish this. He also recognized the need for an intraoperative echocardiography service, which he established with a cardiologist. He then trained the remainder of the cardiac anesthesia staff, who became board certified in intraoperative echocardiography.

— Lawrence Kushins, M.D.,

Chief of Anesthesia
Veterans Administration Medial Center
West Palm Beach, Florida



Dr. Goldstein was my supervisor when he was Assistant Director of the Anesthesia Department at Franklin Hospital in Valley Stream, N.Y. I consulted with him for advice on difficult cases. In addition he would lend a hand in the operating room if I requested him to do so. He was very talented at assisting younger anesthesiologists to perform complicated skills and guide their learning. In addition, he volunteered to suggest methods of study to prepare me for the written board examination in Anesthesiology. He even met me at a bookstore on a Sunday, on his own time, to help me choose textbooks that would be valuable for my board preparation. His guidance helped me successfully pass my board examination, even though I came to the United States later in life, and English is not my native language. His personality makes him enjoyable to work with. He is fair. But be forewarned. He sets the bar quite high and will expect you to reach it!

— Lilya Garber, M.D.,

NAPA Mobile Anesthesiologists and
Attending Anesthesiologist
Franklin Hospital Medical Center
Valley Stream, New York



I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Goldstein when he served as Assistant Director of the Anesthesia Department at Franklin Hospital, Valley Stream, New York. Sheldon is an excellent anesthesiologist and an excellent teacher, both clinically in the operating room and as a lecturer. He always made himself available if I needed advice on a difficult case or if I needed assistance. He was a very fair supervisor, dividing the work load among the staff in a manner that was both balanced, and assured optimal patient safety. His clinical opinions were highly respected by anesthesiologists, surgeons, nurses and sub-specialists, including intensive care physicians. He is highly intelligent, and an independent thinker. I recommend him without reservation to solve any educational or management problem your organization may have.

— Arkady Tsyrlin, M.D.

Attending Anesthesiologist
Franklin Hospital Medical Center
Valley Stream, New York



I first met Dr. Sheldon Goldstein while I was a resident anesthesiologist at Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, N.Y. He was a cardiac attending anesthesiologist at the time and I was fortunate enough to work with him many times. He was an excellent mentor, very knowledgeable and extremely patient. His expertise and exemplary patient care were obvious to all. I had the privilege to co-author two chapters in an anesthesiology textbook with Sheldon and witnessed first hand his hard work and dedication. On a personal note, Sheldon has become and remains a dear friend of mine and my entire family. He is especially attentive to my six children, ranging in age from 7 to 18. Sheldon always makes the extra effort to bring gifts (age appropriate) for every one of my children. He is a giving and caring friend and always a good listener. I have always found Sheldon to be honest, warm, and intelligent. Sheldon has many different interests. He is highly motivated and strives for perfection in all that he does.

— Michael Taragin, M.D.,

Attending Anesthesiologist,
Wyckoff Heights Medical Center,
Brooklyn, New York



I had the honor of working with Dr. Sheldon Goldstein for fifteen months when he served as Assistant Director of the Anesthesia Department at Franklin Hospital. I was a new graduate and appreciated Sheldon's assistance. He was a very fair supervisor and was very devoted to ensuring patient safety throughout the operating room and recovery room. During that time, I studied for the oral exam in anesthesia. Dr. Goldstein helped prepare me when we had mutually available time at work. But he went further and helped me after hours, even inviting me to his home on a Sunday. Tutoring for the oral exam was not required of him. He gave of himself and his time unselfishly. He is a great teacher. He pointed out which areas I should focus on, and taught me methods to improve my presentation and my score at the examination. He explains concepts clearly, both intellectually and with case studies. I know Sheldon is also performing business consulting. Sheldon is easy to work with, dedicated and very intelligent. I believe he will make an excellent business consultant.

— Guoxin Wu, M.D.,

Attending Anesthesiologist
Franklin Hospital Medical Center
Valley Stream, New York


Dr. Sheldon Goldstein was a cardiac anesthesiologist when I was a resident at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. He was enjoyable to work with, despite the fact that he insisted on extremely high standards of clinical practice and patient care. In addition, he prepared me for the grueling oral examinations in anesthesiology. His teaching guided me both in terms of didactics, and in terms of how to interact with the four examiners. I entered the examination confident and passed the first time. Sheldon is the best teacher I have known.

— Rebecca Varela, M.D.,

Diplomate American Board of Anesthesiology
Pain Management Certified

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