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Process Consulting

Viridiant works with businesses, organizations and educational institutions, in addition to performing private coaching. We assist clients with innovation and change management. We provide cutting edge methods to innovate and to educate workers, thereby improving products and the workplace. Our approach is simple: understand impacts of current situations, measure them, and continuously improve them. This philosophy drives innovation in our services and performance. Let us put our values to work for you.

How we do it: The Four Step Program

Viridiant provides the client with a flexible program, within a structured model that includes four steps.

  • Viridiant begins all client interactions with an interview in person that is designed to understand the client’s goals and needs. During this interview the client is encouraged to define underlying values and goals to be achieved. The goal of the interview is for Viridiant to understand, from the inside, what is driving the client to seek consulting services. This allows Viridiant to function as a partner in helping to achieve those goals, and to suggest additional goals the client may not have considered.

  • Viridiant develops a roadmap and timeline to achieve the client’s goals. Viridiant presents the roadmap and timeline to the client and works with the client to be sure the client is in agreement with the plan as developed. Metrics to measure achievement of the desired outcomes are built into the plan. Viridiant also offers options to incorporate green business and community programs that improve corporate image and employee morale, and may result in cost-savings.

  • Viridiant works with the client to achieve the desired goals, in as timely a fashion as possible. Stepwise measurements of achievement are used to ensure staying within the timeline.

  • Exit interviews are performed with all clients. The exit interview is designed to maximize the ability of individuals to capitalize on the project achievements, and to ensure that Viridiant understands the client’s needs for possible future engagement.

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Notable Quote

Plans are only good intentions unless they degenerate into hard work.

– Peter Drucker