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Education Programs: K-12 and University

Focus on Education

Viridiant is dedicated to improving the education of students of all ages. We will design a program for your school’s needs, with metrics included to measure progress along the way.

Pre-School Through High School

Viridiant can help your school improve recruitment of students and all aspects of it’s academic and athletic programs. Available programs may include teacher involvement (preferred) or principal/headmaster guided programs at the client’s request.


Viridiant can help your university improve recruitment of students and faculty, improve academic and athletic programs, and increase your university’s reputation nationwide. Viridiant provides department or individual course-based educational initiatives, designed to result in school-wide improvements in line with the university’s mission. Faculty participation is required.

Extension Division/Adult Education Programs

Adult education is becoming more popular, as universities look for new ways to increase revenue and reach out to the community. The aging population means more retirees are available to take part in these programs. Viridiant can help your program grow and thrive.

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