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Pharmaceutical Product Acceptance Consulting

Viridiant works with clients to determine which products to select for development. Viridiant also works with your organization to cut though the myriad of scientific publications, to separate those facts that can best position your product. Viridiant then designs a program to market your product to healthcare buyers and to consumers. These materials are developed with a strong emphasis on patient safety, backed up by scientific knowledge. The goal is to improve acceptance of the client’s products in the marketplace and to increase the corporate bottom line while being lauded in the private community.

Pharmaceutical Sales Team Training

Viridiant provides in-house training to pharmaceutical sales teams. This program is a follow-on program to Pharmaceutical Product Acceptance Consulting.

Healthcare Risk Management

Viridiant works with Risk Management staff to design hospital and ambulatory center programs to minimize malpractice exposure and improve patient safety. These include institution of best-practice guidelines, development of Rapid Response Teams, root cause analysis of adverse events, and in-house education programs.

Patient Safety Education

Viridiant provides in-house training to healthcare providers to increase their knowledge of current trends in patient safety, as well as malpractice pitfalls and how to avoid them.

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