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Product Sales

At Viridiant, we stress six concepts that we believe sell products:

  • Excellent Product
  • Mindful Market Research
  • Sales Training
  • Relationships
  • Optimism
  • Customer Service

We counsel our clients to be sure their product is excellent. If not, we work with them to improve the product. If it cannot be improved, we recommend the product be discarded. We believe that if our client would not want to buy the product, they should not be selling it.

We use market research that is both broad and narrow. We call this “Mindful Market Research”. Mindful is a term well described by Ellen J. Langer in her book, “Mindfulness”, (Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1997). Mindfulness refers to an approach that prevents labeling of facts and experiences into pre-determined categories. This uncovers information about the market the client did not know, and uncovers specific features buyers want in the client’s products.

We train sales teams in methods that ensure knowledge of products, formation of relationships with buyers, and maintenance of an optimistic attitude.

Finally, we work with our clients to ensure excellent customer service, for we believe that today’s customer service sells tomorrow’s product.

Customer Satisfaction

Viridiant can help your business design a unique customer satisfaction program that results in measurable improvements in customer satisfaction, and retention of customers.

University Recruitment Consulting

Viridiant can help your educational institution develop unique programs and missions that can encourage excellent educators to choose your institution as their home.

Pharmaceutical Product Acceptance Consulting

Viridiant works with clients to determine which products to select for development. Viridiant also works with your organization to cut though the myriad of scientific publications, to separate those facts that can best position your product. Viridiant then designs a program to market your product to healthcare buyers and to consumers. These materials are developed with a strong emphasis on patient safety, backed up by scientific knowledge. The goal is to improve acceptance of the client’s products in the marketplace and to increase the corporate bottom line while being lauded in the private community.

Pharmaceutical Sales Team Training

Viridiant provides in-house training to pharmaceutical sales teams. This program is a follow-on program to Pharmaceutical Product Acceptance Consulting.

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– Peter Drucker