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Change Implementation

Viridiant conducts unique focus groups that really work, by combining open discussion focus groups with confidential comments in serial fashion. Viridiant determines why prior solutions have not been productive, and how to replace them with solutions that will result in change and will be productive. That problem your organization has had for years will finally be solved.

Improving Group Relations

Viridiant can minimize politics in the workplace, by improving communication and achieving best-group practices. This program will minimize corporate politics and infighting (sports rivalries excluded- they never go away!).

Hiring Effective Employees

Viridiant guides organizations to hire the best employees available. A personalized program will improve your organizationís ability to successfully hire who you want.

Employee Satisfaction

Viridiant designs personalized plans to increase employee satisfaction and improve employee productivity.

Employee Retention

Viridiant guides organizations to set policies that retain the best employees. A personalized program will improve employee satisfaction, resulting in retention of the best employees.

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Hierarchy is an organization with its face toward the CEO and its backside towards the customer.

– Jack Welch