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Environmental Responsibility

Many businesses are becoming “Green”. Private citizens are becoming increasingly concerned about the planet they will leave their children and grandchildren, and are beginning to favor green businesses. And since some green practices actually save money, it is in the best interest of businesses to learn what it means to “Go Green” both for environmental sustainability and for the bottom line. Viridiant can develop a program for your business to become environmentally responsible.

We encourage our clients to be environmentally responsible. Therefore, in all our consulting packages, we provide an option for teaching environmental responsibility to the client’s staff. Of course it is the client’s choice whether to engage us for environmental education. But we believe that once we are on site, it is our responsibility to try to educate as many people as possible about ways to protect the environment. We refer to our consulting as “strategies for innovation with a twist of green”. We use this phrase because organizations should not look on an environmental program as constraining. In fact, small steps in a large corporation can have significant benefits for the environment. And in many cases, the steps taken can actually improve the company’s bottom line.

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