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Companies that do not innovate become sick or die. That does not mean your organization must lead the pack, but there comes a time when change will be inevitable. As an example, if three of ten competitors switch to a more efficient and less expensive manufacturing process, you will likely need to switch as well, or your products will be too expensive to compete. However, the first competitor who buys the new manufacturing equipment may have paid too high a price, and may go bankrupt. The most important part of innovation is knowing how and when to do so. For your company to be sustainable, you must know when and how to innovate.

Required innovation may include staff training and education, on-boarding, process development, management education, and new product development. Whatever path your organization chooses, there are risks and benefits to consider. Viridiant works with clients to determine objectives and goals that will bring the client to where they want to be, and to determine the risks and benefits of the possible paths to take. Innovation is never without risk, but properly designed techniques can help determine if the chosen path is leading towards success, or if the path should be modified. Viridiant guides organizations with multiple techniques that ensure innovation in a responsible manner.

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Plans are only good intentions unless they degenerate into hard work.

– Peter Drucker