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Coaching Executives, Teams and Individuals

Coaching Programs

Coaching is provided for executives and individuals. In today’s economy, knowledge workers are the rule rather than the exception. All knowledge workers should structure their lives as if they are in fact corporate executives. This training helps executives and individuals organize and prioritize their lives, and prepares them for advancement in the business world and their personal lives.

Executive Coaching

This program is appropriate for corporate and non-profit executives as well as individuals seeking to improve their overall competence and image in their chosen field. The program is unique to each individual and is designed together with the client. Depending upon areas of focus chosen, this program can improve the client’s skills in these areas: leadership, team building, motivating others, ethics, and “Lighthouse Guidance”, a unique Viridiant program. This program begins with a phone interview and may result in phone, internet, or in-person coaching, based upon the client’s preference. The goal of the Executive Coaching program is to enable an executive or individual to improve themselves and to more easily influence teams and groups he/she interacts with.

Team Effectiveness Coaching

This program is designed to increase the interpersonal relations, flexibility and effectiveness of corporate teams.

Private Coaching

This program guides individuals towards efficient and permanent change that will accelerate progress in their personal and professional lives. The program is unique to each individual and is designed together with the client. The Private Coaching program focuses on improvements individuals can make in their own lives, including life-mapping, goal setting, organization and productivity. These improvements can be in such diverse areas as home organization, structured family time, improving employment situations and achieving personal goals in sports, music and hobbies.

Some aspects of private coaching may overlap with the Executive Coaching program, the difference being a focus on how individuals can be more effective even though they are not in a position of leadership within the organization. Put another way, rather than the executive who can insist on initiating change, this program focuses on how individuals bring about change by changing themselves.

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Plans are only good intentions unless they degenerate into hard work.

– Peter Drucker